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What is the meaning of Apostille?

An apostille is a stamp that verifies the authenticity of a public document for use in a foreign country. It eliminates the need for additional authentication and is recognised by all Apostille Convention member countries. The word "apostille" comes from French and means "a notation."

What is Hague Apostille Convention?

The Apostille Convention is an international treaty that simplifies the process of attesting public documents for use in foreign countries. It was adopted in The Hague, Netherlands, in 1961 and has since been ratified by over 120 countries, including the United States. As of March 2023, 124 countries are contracting states of the Apostille Convention.

Some key points about the convention include:

  • The convention eliminates the need for additional authentication or legalisation by foreign embassies or consulates.
  • The convention applies to public documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, diplomas, and criminal record checks.
  • The convention requires that a document be certified with an Apostille stamp by a competent authority in the country of origin to be recognised in other member countries.
  • The Apostille stamp certifies the authenticity of the signature, seal, and symbol of the public official who issued the document.
  • The convention has dramatically simplified the process of international document attestation and has made it easier for individuals and companies to conduct business transactions.

How do I get an Apostille Document?

  1. Determine eligibility for Apostille.
  2. Obtain notarised document.
  3. Submit to the competent authority for apostille certification.
  4. Pay fees.
  5. Collect apostilled documents.

What is Apostille Stamp?

An apostille stamp is a specific certification applied to public documents to verify their authenticity and validity in foreign countries. A designated authority issues the apostille stamp in the land of origin of the paper, such as a government department, court, or notary public. The seal is a square-shaped sticker attached to the document, typically on the back or an additional page. It contains vital information about the record, such as the name of the country where it was issued, the name of the authority that issued it, the date of issuance, and a unique reference number. The apostille stamp simplifies the document verification process across countries that are members of the Apostille Convention.

How can I get the Document Apostilled in Dubai?

  • Obtain a notarised document copy from a notary public or relevant authority in Dubai.
  • Submit the notarised document to the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in Dubai for authentication and apostille stamp.
  • If the document needs to be translated, get the notarised translation and authenticate it.
  • If the document is intended for use in an Apostille Convention country, get it attested by its embassy in the UAE.

Is Apostille the same as the Attestation in UAE?

Apostille and Attestation are different. Apostille is for use among member countries, while Attestation is the process of verifying a document for use in a foreign country that is not a member of the Apostille Convention, like the UAE. In the UAE, certificates are attested by the relevant embassy or consulate to verify their authenticity before being used for official purposes.

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