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Australia Degree Attestation

The UAE requires all foreign nationals to provide attested educational certificates to obtain an academic or employment visa.

The attestation process verifies the legitimacy of the documents. It proves that the applicant has the educational background and qualifications needed for the job or to pursue higher education in the country.

Because the UAE isn’t part of The Hague Convention, foreign nationals with Australian degrees will have to get their certificates legalized by the Australian government before legally using them in any of the Emirates.

Australian degrees will have to be submitted to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) for attestation, verifying them and confirming that you can use them abroad. Once the DFAT has approved the certificate, we will send the degree to the UAE Embassy in Australia for legalization.

The Process of Australian Degree Attestation for the UAE

Step1: Notarization

When attesting a degree from Australia, the first step is to hand it over to a Notary Public, which verifies the document and attaches a signed notary seal that guarantees its authenticity. They will certify the true copy of your degree.

Step 2: Verification From the University

We will send the degree to your university for verification.

Step 3: Authentication

With the notary seal attached, we will then pass on the degree to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) for further authentication.

DFAT attaches a Certificate of Authentication to the degree; this is the final step for attestation in Australia.

Step 3: Legalization

Once Australian entities guarantee the degree’s legitimacy and validity, it is sent to the UAE Consulate in Melbourne for legalization.

The legalization process involves attaching a Certificate of Legalization on the front of all documents and sealing them using the seal provided by the Notary Public and DFAT. The degree certificate is then sent back to the UAE for the final stage of attestation.

Step 4: Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) Attestation

We will submit all documents to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in the UAE; after MOFA attests them, you can use your Australian degree in the UAE.

How Long Does It Take?

The duration of the attestation process varies from country to country. Attestation by the Ministry of Education takes about 3–5 days.

Because the process is so complicated, we recommend letting professionals care for any technicalities. Any errors in submission can cause significant delays and even loss of money.

Why Us?

The team at Benchmark Attestation Services understands the sensitivity of the attestation process and the documents involved. Our team is meticulous we pride ourselves on being incredibly organized and fully committed to our clients. We attribute our 100% success rate to our team’s work ethic and discipline.

Hire us for stress-free attestation of Australian degrees and other documents. We offer attestation services in Dubai at competitive rates.

If you send our team an electronic copy of your degree, we’ll provide a free quote detailing the cost of each service and the fee for each stage involved. As soon as you approve the quote, we’ll give you a breakdown of all the steps involved to get your documents attested and get started.

Feel free to contact our team for more information. You can contact us by calling our UAE number 04-3961284 or our hotline at+971 52 888 4714.

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