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MOFA Attestation

MOFA Attestation of Personal Documents, Educational Certificates, Commercial Certificates and Commercial Invoices

MOFA Attestation is a procedure to confirm the seal's authenticity, validity, and signature on certificates issued in the UAE or abroad. Expatriates looking to move and build a life in the UAE must apply for a residence, employment, or business visa. The applicant must submit attested marriage, educational, birth, and commercial certificates to apply for the visa process.

MOFA attestation is the final step. This process verifies the authenticity and validity of the certificates issued and legalised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the home country and the UAE embassy. Expats applying for a residence visa from outside the UAE must have their certificates attested by the issuing country's Foreign Affairs Ministry before submitting them to the UAE embassy. Those applying for access from the UAE must get their documents certified by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation.

Individual Affairs Certificates

Includes but is not limited to educational certificates such as:

  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Death certificates
  • Medical reports
  • Police clearance certificates
  • Court-issued certificates
  • The power of attorney of personal nature
  • To whom It may concern letter
  • Employment contract
  • Salary certificate
  • Bank statements
  • Individual tax certificate
  • The degree certificate & transcript are attested as separate documents

Commercial Certificates

Commercial contracts or agreements may be considered multiple documents based on their content. Please get in touch with our team regarding MOFA attestation centre if you have any doubts. Other documents coming under commercial certificates include but are not limited to:

  • Business contracts
  • Agency agreements
  • Commercial registration
  • Appointment of a manager or a director
  • The board of directors’ minutes of the meeting
  • Company changes of name
  • Brand registration
  • Distribution agreement
  • Corporate insurance certificate
  • Corporate tax certificate
  • Board of directors' decision
  • Trade license
  • Partnership or shareholder certificate
  • Annexes and appendices in commercial documents
  • Memorandums of association
  • Company closures

Steps to be followed for certificates issued inside the UAE:

  • The governing government entity must attest original certificate except for electronic documents issued by a government authority or documents authenticated electronically.
  • Apply & submit for MOFA attestation in the UAE through Mofaic online channels.
  • Include the original certificates or documents. If the document is digital or electronically attested, include a copy.
  • The UAE embassy or missions abroad must legalise the certificate by applying for attestation on our online channels.

Steps to be followed for certificates issued outside the UAE:

  • The Original certificate must be authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of issuing country.
  • The certificates must be legalised by one of UAE's Consulate or Embassy or in issuing country by applying through Mofaic online channels.
  • The UAE embassy should legalise the certificates by applying for MOFA attestation in the UAE through our Mofaic online channels. Please include the original attested document.

Why Hire Professional Attestation Agency for MOFA Attestation?

Getting certificates attested is complicated for anyone unfamiliar with the process, and any mishandling of the documents can worsen matters. You wouldn't want to submit your educational degrees for attestation only to have them misplaced.

For MOFA attestation and apostille services, attestation agency companies make an extra effort to ensure that all documents are always kept safe. They track your submitted papers closely and follow up with agencies to monitor progress on behalf of their clients.

How Long Does It Take for MOFA Attestation?

MOFA attestation takes around 3–5 working days. We can even fast-track the process if you require the documents urgently.

Expats in the UAE who need MOFA attestation to get employment, set up a business, or any other residence visa can contact our team by calling our UAE number at 04-3961284 or our hotline at +971-52-888-4714.

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